45th Class Reunion Dates Survey

Hi Classmates! 

We are excited about the 45th reunion and hope that you are also.  We want to include as many classmates as possible. Finding a date that works best for the largest majority of classmates is important. 

From previous conversations and survey results, we have determined that River Festival weekend is NOT an option.  The availability of hotel rooms and event venues is basically nonexistent.

Please take a few moments to fill out the survey and let us know what time of year you would prefer and would make an effort to attend.

We really need your input ASAP, (in the next few days) as the committee will be meeting next week.  Our goal is make this the best reunion yet and that means, you all attend.


Thanks for your help!  

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1)   Check your calendars. I would prefer and would attend.

  Late Spring (May)
  Memorial Day Weekend - May 26-28
  Labor Day Weekend - Sept 1-3
  September weekend (please specify)
  September 14-16
  September 20-22
  September 28-30
  Other Suggestion - please add a note
2)   Any other suggestions?